Fat Lady Sang

By guest bloggers Bob and Jean Dohnal
Publishers of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest

“It’s not over till it’s over”; Yogi.  “It’s over.”  Anyone that thinks that there will be a Cruz, Kasich move now, is dreaming.  We liked John Kasich, one of the finest people I have known in Politics.  Strong Conservatives, make great presidents but politics is timing and it was not his time.  It is Trump’s time.

People are very unhappy with DC and Mad City and they show it.  Those in power do not realize that they are really dumb, sometimes.  “Wake up” says Newt.

Now we have choice?  Will we vote for Trump?  Yes!  We want Ron Johnson to go back, a strong leader on National Security that we need.  Will work hard for him and Paul Ryan, who has saved us from a mess in the House.

But here is another interesting take on Hillary.  Obama and Sanders have absolved her on the Email scandal, but not the graft, bribery, influence pedaling that the FBI has almost 150 people working on.  She and her aides will be interviewed by Comey and his minions.  Their problem is the millions that they have grafted from across the world.  Read “Clinton Cash” and articles by other insiders that have studied this.

Hillary can flip off everyone on the emails. Might even get pardoned by Obama and still make it, but not the money that they have extracted from everyone while she and Bill were in power, in State.

Worst thing is that if that kicks her out, then the Dems, big banks, Wall Street, hedge funds that finance them, will never take Sanders. But here comes Biden.

Then Biden can save the day, rested, good shape, everyone likes him, unbeaten, unpummelled by the primary, he walks off with the nomination for the presidency.  He would sweep. Local candidates will be safe for GOP and probably have split govt. again. That’s politics.

State GOP and the National Party have to deal with falling membership, failures to take on Demographic changes, Inner city voting, Hispanic Growth and Youth leadership.

We have talked about this for decades, but GOP has failed to move.  Reince and many others have told us to do that, but we have failed.

We can offer our youth a clear path; more freebies or the chance to build careers, jobs, businesses, have homes, families, etc.  Appeal to our Best, Take the Moral high ground from them.  Why don’t WE do that?

Scott Walker and the state GOP; Now that Scott has announced for Re-election, in 2018, we need to take stock.  Scott and GOP has passed many important things, freed schools from Union morass that has not benefitted our students and taxpayers. They have reduced taxes, stabilized our property taxes and we can now build for the Future.

We have big problems that leaders like Tommy Thompson and John Torinus and Wisconsin Conservative Digest have pointed out.  If Scott and the GOP want to cement themselves as leaders of the caliber of Warren Knowles, who formed the school districts, got rid of one room schools and Tommy who has great record, they need to address these problems:

  1.  Reorganize the UW System, Fix the big student debt problem!
  2.  Fix K12 system where we have big gaps in Reading, Math and Science, despite a tenfold increase in spending since 1970 and 40% reduction in students. We have a dozen districts that are “National Disgraces.”
  3.  Roads:  No roads, no economy, no jobs.
  4.  Jobs, Economy
  5.  Crime.  Milwaukee is site for incredible drug, murder headquarters, one of the worst in the country for poverty, youth unemployment and no leaders. These things need to be addressed and fixed.

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