Did Franklin expose flaw in Amber Alert system?

In Wisconsin we are fortunate to have an Amber Alert System approved years ago. From the system’s website:

Each year, the lives of children, their families, and communities are changed by the tragedy of child abduction and child exploitation. According to a national study conducted by United States Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and Office of the Attorney General State of Washington, 44 percent of children who were abducted and murdered by a stranger were dead within one hour. Seventy-four percent are dead within three hours, and ninety-one percent are dead within twenty-four hours.

Families and communities are being impacted by these crimes against children. Locating and safely returning these children to their homes is a state, national and international objective.

As individuals, communities and a nation, we all have a responsibility to ensure the dignity, respect and safety of every child.

Therefore, the protection and safety of our children must be our highest priority.

The Wisconsin Amber Alert Plan is an effort to enhance law enforcement’s ability to respond effectively and efficiently to a child abduction with the hope of preventing the victimization of children in Wisconsin.

One of my proudest moments working in the state Senate was with my very good friend and colleague, state Senator Mary Lazich on this.

The concept of the Silver Alert was eventually included in the Amber Alert system.

What could possibly be wrong ?

WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee investigated, concluding that the system designed to find missing folks quickly actually slows down the process.

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