Franklin alderman Taylor blasts Parks Commission chairman

“You have to have thick skin in this game.”
Franklin alderman Steve Taylor on, April 17, 2012

During the last Franklin Common Council meeting that featured “Tablegate” (04/19/16) the council had before it a recommendation from the Parks Commission about those tables at Kayla’s Playground.

The meeting and discussion on the tables did give Alderman Steve Taylor an opportunity to unload on the Parks Commission, calling it “rogue.” Taylor was concerned that a “recommending body” like the Parks Commission might be headed toward making decisions and policy. And then came this:

“I remember the Parks Chairman whom I would not have supported  in that position and if he comes up again in my tenure I won’t support, come up here and really criticize this body  and say some pretty nasty  things about some of the members. Totally unacceptable. If I had been in this chair when that happened, I would have asked for his resignation.”

So what brought this on? It actually dates back to last year when Taylor wasn’t even on the Common Council.

Here are all the details.

My guess is Pautz isn’t all that worried or concerned and good for him.

UPDATE: From an e-mail by an astute reader:

Why is that Steve Taylor can come to a meeting as an elected official and blast the bloggers but Pautz, a citizen can’t speak his mind?



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