Look out Le Roy!

Le Roy Lewandowski is a fixture at Franklin Common Council meetings. He attends just about every one and he speaks at all of them, too, during the citizen comment period.

Le Roy is an octogenarian.

He’s also a …



Lewandowski appears at City Hall to vent and complain. Then he e-mails officials with a laundry list of issues, complaints and questions, most of which are unnecessary.

He is a retired senior citizen who knows how to use a computer. Ol’ Le Roy is never happy. He’s one of those guys that isn’t content unless he’s griping or moaning or bitching about something. I admit that when we cross paths I will intentionally greet him with the emphasis on the wrong syllable. Drives him nuts. He instantly corrects me. “It’s Le ROY!”

I often see Le ROY at my regular Sunday morning post-Church restaurant hangout. Le Roy heads over to our table, sly grin in place when he has no intention of being friendly.

Ignoring my wife, my daughter, and any cordial greetings, Le Roy marches right up to our table, barges in, and with my fork and scrambled eggs placed firmly in mouth, Le Roy completely ignores, interrupts, and launches into, “Say, what the hell do you think about what Franklin is doing” about such and such. Before I can answer, Le Roy begins his own discussion about what he thinks Franklin is doing about such and such, and it’s usually awful.

I have yet to have a conversation with Le Roy where it ended with my feeling that it was an enlightening, positive experience.

There, I’ve done it again. I’ve said what everyone wants to say but won’t.

To Le Roy, everything is wrong. Everything is a calamity. Or to use Le Roy’s own favorite word, it’s a “disaster.”

Image result for the hindenburg

After the last Franklin Common Council meeting, you know, the one that launched “Tablegate,” Le Roy was on his way home when he tells me he was rear-ended in the City Hall parking lot.

Who hit Le Roy?

None other than Mark Luberda, the Director of Administration for the city of Franklin.

I couldn’t resist. My immediate reaction to the news was, “Did Mark do it on purpose?”

It was a minor incident. Le Roy’s dent has been fixed and he wasn’t upset at all when he gave me his account.

Even so, there’s something oddly humorous about Le Roy getting nicked by a ranking city official.Save

5 thoughts on “Look out Le Roy!

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  3. We can see why you wrote anonymously!
    Do you realize that you are the one with a “complaining” problem? Your message was only a cheap complaint about LeROY.
    Can you provide us with your motive other than the excuse of a degenerate psyche that reveals your unprincipled, ill-bred character? Your parents must have been “a piece of work”!


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