LOVE IT! During discussion on Franklin barn project, Mayor Olson scolds Alderwoman Wilhelm

When it appeared at the April 4, 2016, meeting of the Franklin Common Council that some aldermen wanted movement on the barn project,  Franklin mayor Steve Olson felt the need to interject.

It just might have been my favorite portion of that marathon meeting.

The mayor reiterated that there is no site plan for the barn project. Thus, the Council could not move forward. Cue the mayor.

“There is no site plan. Just as a point. There is no site plan for this, and we’ve had some substantial discussions about site plans and approvals for construction (projects).

“I’m just pointing out to the Council.  I’ve heard it on a number of occasions. No site plan, no vote for city projects. No site plan, no vote, no action.  I’ve heard it a hundred times, for city-related projects.

“You can have your pet projects, go ahead, but just know you’re not being consistent.”

Now it gets good. Really good.

“Understand my perspective here comes from Kayla’s Playground where you Alderwoman (Kristen) Wilhelm….several discussions about how there’s no site plan, how can I vote on something where there’s no site plan.

“We ran Kayla’s Krew through the mill, but here comes a pet project from somebody else and the rules  get thrown aside. And it (Kayla’s Playground) got held up by a lot of people throwing roadblocks in the way. All I’m telling you. You be consistent.  You screw one project, you screw ‘em all.”


At times during the mayor’s discussion Alderwoman Wilhelm and Alderman Dan Mayer, two charter members of the anti-mayor, anti-growth in Franklin cabal interrupted and tried to divert the discussion away from what the mayor wanted to demonstrate.  They failed.

For new readers there’s a history that backs up what the mayor asserted about obstacles for Kayla’s Playground, forged by the ringleader Kristen Wilhelm (Barn? Yes! Playground for disabled kids? Where’s that monkey wrench?)

Please read # 2, and #1 if you want the happy ending.

2 thoughts on “LOVE IT! During discussion on Franklin barn project, Mayor Olson scolds Alderwoman Wilhelm

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