Buy a condom, have sex, save the world

That was the bizarre view of a young misguided woman writing in the student newspaper, the Daily Cardinal (page six) back in February of 2011. Brittany Schmidt, a college senior at the time, wrote that no one should be embarrassed to buy condoms and that college students having sex should be having more and more sex.

“There are many different reasons why college students engage in sexual behavior. Reasons like love, pleasure and fun are all great answers, but what if I had a better incentive for you. Why should college students be having even more safe sex? Because you, yes, even you who feels awkward walking out of the store carrying a box of condoms, can still do some good in this world,” Schmidt wrote.

You see, if college students simply buy a certain brand of condom, the manufacturer, Schmidt wrote, would send another free condom to South Africa to fight STDs and you’ll be saving society. Isn’t that cool? She quoted the company’s CEO, “Let’s have the whole exchange shift from being something about guilt and sort of a contracted sense ‘Oh god someone is judging me. I am having sex’ to ‘I am having sex and I am going to buy these beautiful condoms and take them home to make love and isn’t that a great thing’.”

Schmidt added, “Using a condom shows the trust between two people and their mutual respect for their future.”

No, it shows naïveté.

Schmidt’s call to have lots and lots of sex came in 2011. Fast forward to now and shocking news.

New data indicates 1 in 2 sexually active young people will get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) by the time they turn 25.About 20 million new sexually transmitted diseases are contracted every year in the US. Most are not diagnosed.

“I do think this age group, you know, maybe it is a lack of education. They just don’t know that most of the time, STDs, there are no signs or symptoms, so your partner can be physically fine but still have an STD and ultimately they pass that to you,” says Alison Glodowski from the La Crosse County Health Department.

Several years ago when I was filling in for Mark Belling on Newstalk 1130 WISN I talked about young folks who dangerously engage in promiscuous activity, blindly believing they’re safe.

One of my favorite columnists is the brutally blunt Doug Giles. He wrote a piece on this topic that I read on-the-air and suggested that it be read in every high school in America at all grade levels. Some educators and health officials actually contacted me after the show to request a copy of the column.

FYI young dudes and dudettes: no matter what they tell you on the various TV commercials, these diverse and multitudinous sex plagues aren’t just a “little inconvenient” like a runny nose, halitosis or dandruff. They are devastating.

The entrance of an STD into your B-O-D could equal one or more of the following: perpetual physical pain, public humiliation, chronic depression, infertility, increased chance of birth defects in your kids (if you can still have them), cervix, penile and anal cancer and/or an early and horrible visit from the Grim Reaper.

Who’d a thunk that going indiscriminately nuts with your ‘nads would end in anal warts, barrenness, a cauliflowered and inflamed penis, blown ovaries, ruined-for-life fallopian tubes, cervical cancer and a premature death? Wow. Who saw that comin’?

You can read Giles’ entire column here.  Please share with a young person you know and love.

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