My Most Popular Blogs (04/04/16)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

That’s how I would open my weekly Monday blog on FranklinNOW blog. I posted there last week until Thursday. Then I posted on my new blog here.  So let’s break this down and maybe you see some pieces highlighted you missed and would like to see (PSST, check out the election recommendations).

First, my final week of blogging on

1) Did Donald Trump hang up on Vicki McKenna?

2) Steve Taylor, a supportive voice for the liberals, again

3) How does a referendum become a referendum?

4) UPDATE: Here are my picks for next Tuesday’s Election Day in our area

5) 4TH UPDATE: To give or not to give?

6) UPDATE: Culinary no-no #393

7) The latest pro-life news (03/28/16)

8) This Just in…MY NEW BLOG!

9) Culinary no-no #466

10) UPDATE: Wisconsin Right To Life (WRTL) does not endorse Steve Taylor for re-election to the Milwaukee County Board

And our most popular blogs on this new blog from Thursday – Saturday:

How a referendum becomes a referendum

Welcome to This Just In…From Franklin, WI

Steve Taylor, a supportive voice for the liberals, again

The Best Cartoons of the Week (04/02/16)

About  (Yeh, that’s me)

Sheriff David Clarke: Should Donald Trump fire his campaign manager? – The People’s Sheriff (04/02/16)

Thank you, Everything Greendale

Week-ends (04/02/16)


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