WRTL does not endorse SteveTaylor for re-election to the Milwaukee County Board

Last month I posted on my old blog on FranklinNOW.com the above news.

Take a look.

Taylor responded in a comment on my old blog as to why he did not get endorsed by WRTL:

Unfortunately I turned in the questionnaire after the WRTL PAC already met and made their decision. As a “journalist” I am sure you asked for the answers to the survey that were mailed out before you posted something that seems very misleading to the voters. I am sure that as the good “journalist”, you are currently asking for those responses in order not appear to be misleading.

I responded, in part:

No need for me to check on your answers. But I would add this. If I’m up for re-election and I get a questionnaire from a highly visible conservative organization and I profess to support the sanctity of life, I’d make darn sure I got the answers returned in time.

I actually did at Taylor’s dare examine this a bit further. No major investigation, that’s for sure. But I know WRTL’s rejection of Taylor wasn’t because he was late turning in his answers. They had other, more substantive reasons to endorse Patti Logsdon. And I’ll just leave it at that. It’s up to WRTL if they want to discuss their decision publicly.

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