Welcome to This Just In…From Franklin, WI

It’s a continuation from my This Just In…blog that ran from 2007 through March 2016 on FranklinNOW, a community website run by Journal Communications. New owners decided to drop the blogs because they only wanted content on their sites created by their own paid staff. Good luck with that. Their suburban news reporters are weeks late with stories, unsure what day it is.  How can less content be good? Management is clueless.

We move on.

It’s simple. No long introduction necessary, you have my bio. We pick up where we left off.  When you come here you will find insightful, compelling, provocative conservative commentary from various sources, not just yours truly.

We’ll have some fun, too, in this varied blog because I will blog what’s interesting to me. We’ll have regular features you’ve come to know on FranklinNOW. If you’re new, please be patient. It might take some time to figure out everything that’s coming your way. But hopefully there will be enough to grab your attention and interest.

Thanks for stopping by.

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